Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkey Pop Treats

You've had Rice Krispies. There's probably no one in this country that hasn't. Homemade or store bought, you've pulled those ooey gooey treats apart to see the marshmallow strings, and popped a piece in your mouth for that oddly satisfying gooey crunch. Am I right?

Not only are they so yummy, but they are extremely versatile. Add food coloring, chocolate, candies, make them in different shapes, etc. And no baking required. Just melt some butter and marshmallows. Anyone can make them.

So here we are at another holiday with another Rice Krispie Treat that looks so cute (gotta love fat turkeys) and so good. (Chocolate. 'Nuff said.)

So here they are, straight from the official Rice Krispie website, 
Turkey Pop Treats.

 Like cake pops, but much easier. Maybe not as cute, but still tasty.

What treats do you make for the kids (or "young" adults) for Thanksgiving?

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