Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today I am Grateful for...

My siblings. And guess what... I have 11. Yes. You read that correctly. Eleven. When I was little I used to have a hard time remembering them all. But who can blame me, really? Technically, I am an only child. All of my siblings are half. Some are from my mom's side, some from my dad's. But I love them all.

Here they all are, and why I'm grateful for them:

Tonia: I spent a lot of time at her house because her daughter was close to my age. When I was older, we hung out at the Old Folks Party. We were awesome, let me tell you.

Troy: He's been through a ton, but every time I see him he's got a smile on his face. He's just that type of guy.

Tina: She. Is. Gorgeous. I was always jealous of her. Still am. I don't see her often, but when I do I get so excited. I still remember the first time I saw her curling her eyelashes. I thought she was cutting them, and I was so worried for her. Silly little me...

Tracy: He reminds me the most of my dad. He looks very much like him, and some of the things he'll say and do sound just like my dad. He's very quiet and serious, but he's also very fun to be around. 

Terrin: He was there for me a lot when I was younger. And when it was time for the daddy-daughter dance at prom, he danced with me. Thank you Terrin. For holding dad's place for me.

Tammy: When I think of Tammy, I think of Footloose and Cher. I think of laughing so hard my stomach would hurt. And fun times in her little bug. And cats.

Priscilla: Priscilla is probably the one I look up to the most. She actually helped raise me. She is such a good mom. And in her little community, she's a part of everything. Everyone likes her and wants to be her friend. I cried when we left her house after Thanksgiving.

Morgan: He is the sibling just older than me. He is the brother I grew up with. The rest were either out of the house or living with their other parents. We fought, we laughed, we played. It was just him and me some days. And I loved it.

Jason: He's a few years younger than me, but probably a good foot taller than me. I can't believe how big he's grown, and how great of a guy he is. He's working so hard in school and even though he's had some hard times too, he's pushing forward. I am so proud of him.

AJ: We aren't very close, but he's grown up a lot too. It's crazy to look at pictures of us from when we were younger, and to see us now.

Jaleessa: She is so gorgeous. She has a job and she's taking care of herself practically. I just hope she knows how amazing she is.

Plus, a shout out to the husbands and wives. I LOVE my in-laws too.

(In case you didn't notice, the first six were all from my dad's first marriage. See how their names all start with T?)

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