Friday, November 11, 2011

Today I'm Grateful For...

My hair. This may sound vain or self-obsessive, but I am. It's always been my comfort blanket, I guess. I am much more comfortable and confident when it's long, and if my hair is off, my whole day is off.

You've probably seen this blog already, but I LOVE her tutorials. I love her whole blog really. She's easy to relate to, she posts gorgeous hair tuts, and yummy recipes... There's so much more, but I'll let you find out for yourself.

Anyway, go check out The Small Things Blog.
In the meantime, here's a few snippets of her posts:

November Birchbox Goodies (They look SO fun!)
Homemade Potato Soup (Ahmagads, YUM!)
Homemade Mac and Cheese (This look good too. And it's easy.)

And one of her lovely hair tutorials:
How to Trim Your Own Bangs
(I would show you pictures of me, with the bangs I cut myself from elementary or high school, but once those suckers are on the internet, there is no bringing them back. So, no.)


  1. Have you ever visited the Hairdresser on Fire blog? It's the same lady who does "Reagan's Blob" which I LOVE.

  2. First of all Maryann, THANK YOU! I've been reading her posts on her blob and holy nut, she's hilarious.
    Secondly, I LOVE her hairdresser blog. My hair has a mind of its own most days, so thanks for the tip!


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