Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Secret Santa Can Suck It - xJane

The Caretaker over at Shadow Manor is hosting her annual virtual gift swap. (Swap is real, gifts are not.) This year I drew xJane out of the abyss. I have to admit, I don't know her all that well, but from what I've read on her blog and her chirps on Twitter, I'm hoping she'll enjoy this. If not, well, consider this an apology in advance. And the receipt is in the bottom of the crate...

First up, a never-ending iTunes gift card. In honor of her Music Mondays, and the fact that a $15 iTunes gift card is just never enough.

Digging a little deeper, she'll find a tin of these tasty-looking steampunk cookies to go along with this steampunk kettle (concept by Michael Morarity.)
And lastly, who can host a steampunk tea party without a fabulous corset? She'll have her pick of any three from Corsets UK.
Their style categories include fashion, steampunk, and even vintage goth. I feel like this is just free advertising (which, hello, it is) but they're all so very pretty...
Merry Christmas xJane!