Monday, May 30, 2011

Human Cow Project

I tell people that I'm a part of the Human Cow Project all the time. Why you ask? Because I pump to feed my baby boy. He's just over two months old, so I haven't been doing it for very long, but there are days when I just feel the need to moo and chew a little cud.

Leche de Boob: A Day in the Life of a Human Cow

Day 37 of the Human Cow Experiment

1:34 hours
Half asleep. Since the purchase of the manual pump I’m having a hard time pumping at a consistent rate for the 15 minutes I have assigned each side. I catch myself falling asleep and add another minute every time I jolt myself awake.

1:57 hours
Still pumping on the left side. Maybe I should switch now. Set alarm for 4:30.

4:32 hours
I’m pumping and get a hand cramp. Switch hands and discover a blister has formed on my thumb. Use palm to push pump handle and other palm to push hand.

4:34 hours
Arms are tired. I realize how out of shape I am, but find small hope in the fact that I may get toned forearms from pumping manually. I’m guessing I will see results within the next 9 months.

7:46 hours
Awake to find 4 year-old has taken pump and is using it as a microphone for her mock American Idol tryouts. Wash pump again.

10:27 hours
Just finished pumping. Only got a few ounces because I pumped early, but I have a dr’s appointment at 11 and didn’t want to be late.

11:17 hours
Missed dr appointment. Had to reschedule.

13:39 hours
Can’t remember if I washed the pump after the last feeding. Pumping anyway because the kids are asleep and I want a nap too.

13:41 hours
Kids wake and show signs of hunger. I throw handfuls of craisins in their room and put up the gate, hoping to get a nap in anyway.

16:33 hours
Debating whether or not I should start pumping every two hours considering the little guy doesn’t seem to be quite full after he eats… Nah.

19:39 hours
While I miss my electric pump, I’m grateful to be able to watch television and hear what the characters are saying.

20:05 hours
Facebook status: “I feel like a cow, but realize I am not that lucky. Cows are only milked once a day.”

20:13 hours
Reply to Facebook status: “Correction little sister-the cows in Lynn’s barn are milked TWICE a day.”

20:43 hours
Wash pump and pour milk into bag. Place in freezer next to 18 bags with anywhere from 2 ounces up to 6 ounces in each.

20:59 hours
Reply to Facebook status: “Lucky heifers…”

23:30 hours
No log. Participant slept through feeding.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Homemade Pizza

On Monday night we were low on groceries, but Jon didn’t get paid until Friday. So I looked around and tried to find a recipe for things we already had on hand. I found a quick recipe for pizza dough and thought, Sounds good to me.

I was really happy with how it turned out for three main reasons:

{1} It was filling.
I love pizza, but I feel like I have to eat many slices to feel full. With this one, I was full after two medium-sized square pieces.

{2} It was cheap.
I used ingredients I already had on hand. No trip to the store!

{3} It was sooo good.
It reminded me of Shelly’s pizza from when I was in elementary. Shelly was the cook for us then and her food was always delicious, but the pizza was to die for. So were her rolls. And everything else she made… But her pizza was amazing!