Monday, May 30, 2011

Human Cow Project

I tell people that I'm a part of the Human Cow Project all the time. Why you ask? Because I pump to feed my baby boy. He's just over two months old, so I haven't been doing it for very long, but there are days when I just feel the need to moo and chew a little cud.

Leche de Boob: A Day in the Life of a Human Cow

Day 37 of the Human Cow Experiment

1:34 hours
Half asleep. Since the purchase of the manual pump I’m having a hard time pumping at a consistent rate for the 15 minutes I have assigned each side. I catch myself falling asleep and add another minute every time I jolt myself awake.

1:57 hours
Still pumping on the left side. Maybe I should switch now. Set alarm for 4:30.

4:32 hours
I’m pumping and get a hand cramp. Switch hands and discover a blister has formed on my thumb. Use palm to push pump handle and other palm to push hand.

4:34 hours
Arms are tired. I realize how out of shape I am, but find small hope in the fact that I may get toned forearms from pumping manually. I’m guessing I will see results within the next 9 months.

7:46 hours
Awake to find 4 year-old has taken pump and is using it as a microphone for her mock American Idol tryouts. Wash pump again.

10:27 hours
Just finished pumping. Only got a few ounces because I pumped early, but I have a dr’s appointment at 11 and didn’t want to be late.

11:17 hours
Missed dr appointment. Had to reschedule.

13:39 hours
Can’t remember if I washed the pump after the last feeding. Pumping anyway because the kids are asleep and I want a nap too.

13:41 hours
Kids wake and show signs of hunger. I throw handfuls of craisins in their room and put up the gate, hoping to get a nap in anyway.

16:33 hours
Debating whether or not I should start pumping every two hours considering the little guy doesn’t seem to be quite full after he eats… Nah.

19:39 hours
While I miss my electric pump, I’m grateful to be able to watch television and hear what the characters are saying.

20:05 hours
Facebook status: “I feel like a cow, but realize I am not that lucky. Cows are only milked once a day.”

20:13 hours
Reply to Facebook status: “Correction little sister-the cows in Lynn’s barn are milked TWICE a day.”

20:43 hours
Wash pump and pour milk into bag. Place in freezer next to 18 bags with anywhere from 2 ounces up to 6 ounces in each.

20:59 hours
Reply to Facebook status: “Lucky heifers…”

23:30 hours
No log. Participant slept through feeding.

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