Thursday, March 29, 2012

Late Nights

Last night, when I should have been asleep, I thought, "Maybe I should sketch everything out for my (get this) Halloween costume so that I don't forget anything." It's eleven at night, and I was worried about a costume for a holiday that is 7 MONTHS AWAY. Do you see what I'm getting at here?
Anyway, I sketched and made notes for about a half hour. I could not fall asleep until I was satisfied.

They are crappy, but here are things I've found online (cough-mostly Pinterest-cough) that are close to what I've been seeing in my head:

Curly-toed boots!
Aren't they just perfectly witchy?
Not what I expected though.

Striped Tights
A staple for anyone riding a broom.

Rag Skirt
Pretty and feminine, but not too much!
And I would probably add a tulle skirt under it,
just to add a tiny bit of volume.

Asymmetrical hoodie
Here is a VERY rough sketch of
what I'd like to make. ^
This is the closest I've found. ^
Her tutorial is a great start!
I think I'd be able to modify it
enough to make what I'm thinking.
I'd like to sew it so that the buttons are just decor
and it just slides on over my head.
Also, mine will be fitted under the bust
and then gathered over the bust
for a rouched effect.

Fabulous Eyes
Not the mouth. No zombies here today.
Note: Found on Pinterest by someone who found it on Tumblr which means
NO SOURCE and that bugs me.
If you know, let me know so I can credit them please!

I don't want any bugs getting in my eyes now, do I?
(Does anyone else think of Russell when they think of goggles?)

Owl studs
For luck! You can never be too careful on a broom.

And a ring too...
Perched and waiting.

Hair thoughts:
Messy side braid
Great for keeping hair out of the way.
Crimped hair
Adds volume and a bit of craziness
so it looks windblown.

And last, but definitely not least:

I love that she painted it black.
I think I'd get a crooked branch
and straighter twigs though.

Yep. It's the end of March and I just planned out a Halloween costume.
That's how I roll.

What have you been up to lately?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Daydreams

In my daydreams, I do one of three things:
1) Plan birthday parties. Seriously. I have my girls' Halloween/birthday party all planned. Since last year.

2) Plan cakes to go with said parties. Cupcakes, sheet cakes, smash cakes. I love them all.

3) Plan flash mobs. I was in one last year and it was sooo much fun. Not only did we dance in front of a huge crowd, we also held a humungous flag as that crowd sang The Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of July. Since then, I've been hooked.

I was watching this music vid on Pinterest (it's a beautiful thing, really) and it hit me as she tapped the two chicks with the chola brows on the shoulders. Wouldn't this make a really fun flash mob?
Have one person start out. They randomly dance around, but start strategically tapping people on their shoulders. After they go down, they come back up dancing. Wham-o. Dozens of strangers you once walked by with a shopping cart are now dancing in the aisles with huge smiles on their faces. It would be a good day, right?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Changing it up a bit.

As you can tell I've changed things up a bit. I tend to do that. I like an idea, I wear it out, and I pick a new one. Honestly, I haven't gone back to college yet because the only thing that sticks for me is writing. Like in a journal. Or on a blog. Or a status update on the Twitter.

Some examples of my not being able to pick something, anything really:
At one point in time I was really into cooking. I mean, I still cook. I just thought my calling in life was to work in a kitchen. If you could see my kitchen now, you'd know that did not last long.
Then, I thought I'd be a party planner. But my problem there is staying within a budget. More specifically, my own budget. I have three kids and one on the way, plus a husband. That's 5 parties per year that I plan and carry out on my own. I just over spend. A little. Anyway, I love doing it for my family, but for other people? That is a bit more complicated.

My point is that even though I'm a wife and a mom and many other things, I'm still figuring out who I am. I am filling in the blanks.
Today, I was a fashionista. Well, not really. I just had to buy a new pair of pants because I literally wear a pair out before I'll buy more.
Tomorrow, I shall be a baker. Because the brand spankin-new KitchenAid I got for my birthday is calling my name.

As is that recipe for Minny's chocolate pie. (The genuine recipe they used for the film The Help.)

Who are you today?
What inspired you today?
What will you do tomorrow?