Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tonight I'm Grateful For...

My husband. I've been avoiding my e-mail all day. We sent a letter to a person that has been rude and pushy and bad words lately. The letter wasn't rude. Not really. We just let him know why we haven't been meeting his "demands" and... Just, argh. I've been waiting for the backlash.

But tonight, I asked my husband to check my e-mail for me. He already had.

I asked him to delete any e-mails from said person. He already had.

And he replied back, reaffirming everything that had been said.

Now, I'm always grateful for him. You guys have no idea how much he does, how much he puts up with.

But tonight, even 1300 miles away, he still takes care of me.
Thank ya, babe.

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