Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today I'm Grateful For...

My sense of humor. But not just being able to laugh, but the things that make me laugh.

My sense of humor covers the entire spectrum.

There's the smart sense of humor:
I'm not smart enough to actually do the equation, but holy nut. He. Is. Awesome.

The slightly morbid sense of humor:

I'm liking the swamp idea.

The sarcastic quip:

And each time, with a different weapon.

The corny-guy humor:

The cruel:
For me it would be more like $100, but still...

The naughty:
It took my husband a second to understand it, but we both got a good laugh. And something else...

The good:
If we ever have twins, I'm so doing this.

The bad:
You know, he may not be book smart, but he's a genius.

And the ugly:
Okay, I don't think this is ugly. Or funny. I think it's the most awesome pumpkin I've ever seen in my life. But some people find it funny.

I always knew I'd marry a guy that could make me laugh. It bugs me when I'm mad at him and he makes me laugh, but the rest of our lives, it's a good thing. 

What is your sense of humor like?



  1. I like to think I'm intelligent. So I like things that are only funny if you "get it," aka you're smart enough or know enough to understand why its funny.

    I never liked "potty" humor until I married Dustin Penman, and now I have to admit, sometimes poop is just plain hilarious..... :)

  2. Bahaha. You said poop. {: Just kidding.


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