Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Web Wed - The Only Hacks You'll Ever Enjoy: Seriously

I have been waiting so patiently for this product to come in the mail. When I found their site and read all about this stuff, I got really excited. When Jane, one of the creators of said product told her assistant to send me some from her desk, I was ecstatic. (Yes, I get excited about a ton of things. But I have the mind of a three-year old. Mkay?)
It came in the mail yesterday and hot dang was I happy.

The "stuff" is called Sugru and it is AMAZING.

First of all, this has been 5 years in the making.
Second of all, this is the new formula making it even better now that it was before.

Sugru is silicone, but like modeling clay when you first get it out of the package. You can mold it to any shape onto almost any product. It adheres and can form a strong bond to glass, aluminum, steel, plastic, and so many other materials. It cures at room temperature to a tough flexible silicone overnight using moisture from the air.
Sugru is resistant from -76°F all the way to 356°F. It gets hot and/or cold, but won't get softer, harder, or melt.
Because Sugru is silicone, it is totally waterproof. You can wash it with soap and water, and even get it in sea water.
When it cures it is flexible so you can use it on things that need to move. Some good examples shown on the site are cables, shoes, and textiles.

Get this: once cured, Sugru can go in the washing machine or dishwasher.
As a mom, that is a good thing.
Have you ever seen The Incredibles? Remember Edna Mode?
"And machine washable, darling. That's a new feature." We're always looking for things to make our lives easier, right?

Below are just a couple of things I can use Sugru on, but on the site, there is a whole gallery dedicated to pictures Sugru users have sent in. Things they've hacked to rescueimprove, personalize, or just save money. On one of the hacks, I even saw someone had rubbed metallic eyeshadow into the Sugru before it cured. See it here.

I have quite a few things that need hacking, but I'll just show you my two Xbox 360 controllers. My husband likes to chew on things and he passed that horrible trait to my 2 year-old. Case in point:
The first one is so much worse than the second one. And since hubs and I are avid HALO / Call of Duty players, this is a problem. The rough texture bugs me more than the fact that she chewed on them.
Supplies - toy was for texture, but I didn't end up using it... today....
So I whip out my orange Sugru and wha-blamo! (+10 points for awesome sound effects) Looks and feels much better.

It will be easier to remember which one has the AA batteries inside and which one has the rechargeable battery pack.

Sugru comes in orange, green, blue, black, and white. Mine came with a handy little chart that shows how to make new colors (just in case you missed art class in high school.)

Sugru hacks remind me of my cousin Karl. He is awesome at problem solving. When I was younger, he was always finding new and innovative ways to fix/create/awesome-ify everything. He invented this:
Yes, that's me. Behind me is the uber cool Hum-Yota. Spray-painted olive drab.
What: It's a cannon made of a fire extinguisher, a handle from an old fire hose, and pipe. If a potato gun and a tank got busy, this would be their offspring.
Why: Karl is a wildlife firefighter. His crew needed a way to start fires safely.
How: Stick the flare inside and pull the handle. The flare shoots to the site, ignites, and starts the fire while the crew watches safely from a distance.

Sugru was invented for guys like Karl, and hopefully, girls like me. I'll have to send him some and see what he comes up with.

Back in March, Sugru makers found out Sugru was being used on ALL 7 continents. (+5 points if you can name them all) I thought that was pretty awesome. Can you imagine how it would feel to invent something people all over the world could and would use?

Definitely go and check out the colors. I love this stuff and I can't wait to get it in every color.

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