Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This week's site seriously has it all. It has a blog, it has recipes, it has a store, it has giveaways... I'm totally in love. I was going to wait until I received the things I ordered (and got for free, by the way) but honestly I'm a little too excited about it. This week, we're all about...

It sounds kind of saucy and naughty, but I promise it's totally family-friendly. Jaden Hair is her name, and she's "a professional recipe developer, food columnist, and food photographer specializing in fast, fresh, and easy recipes for the home cook."
Her recipes look so yummy, and I kid you not, she literally has over 20 giveaways going on RIGHT NOW! You can enter once a day too.
Did I mention that when you sign up to receive her SK store e-mail newsletter, you automatically get a free $25 gift card to the Steamy Kitchen store? I didn't? Huh, well, you do! I used mine on a Giant Cupcake Pan and a Mini Trifle Bowl. I have 11 cents left after shipping and all that jazz. I guess I'll just have to go back and shop, right? {:
I really love this blog. I actually pinned a hundred clearance items on my wishlist on Pinterest. I haven't even started looking at the normally priced items. Anyway, go have a look and fall in love.
Seriously, she's that good.

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