Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Web Wednesday

I love to write. I like to write short stories, poetry, (obviously) I have blogs. I write in a few different journals and I've submitted a few things to different websites. It's something that I've always loved to do, and I know for a fact that I communicate much easier in writing than I do speaking.

Some days, I have tons of inspiration hitting me from all sides and I have ideas swirling in my head and I have to write them down immediately and... It's just crazy. I end up losing some of it because I can't write/type fast enough.

Other days, not so much. Maybe a thought. Or two. And the rest of the day I'm pretty empty. It's embarrassing, really.

Because of the latter days, I'm always looking for creative writing tips/ideas. I have a Blue Day Notebook that I found at a dollar store. It was 88cent Tuesday, so I bought it for less than a dollar. (I don't know HOW it ended up there, but I'm soooo glad it did.) I'd suggest investing in one of those. I miss Daybooks from high school. I was one of the few in my class that actually looked forward to working in those in my English class.

So for today, I'm focusing on a writing site. It's pretty fun (for someone like me) and I like to go there when I'm in the middle of writer's block.


The site is pretty self-explanatory. They have Grammar Tips, Journal Writing, Writing Exercises, and so much more. The site is easy to navigate and even has a search tool (which I LOVE.)

If you're into writing ANYTHING from poems to novels, short stories to blog entries, there is something there for you. We could all use a little brush up on our grammar skills, I'm sure. {:

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