Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apology and WebWed.

This past week has been a little insane. I've had two sick kids (each sick separately) and a sick husband, dance practice, and...
What else....
Anyway, I didn't get to post for Website Wednesday. I'm glad my Origami Box post was so long so it took up some of your time. {:
But this is me, apologizing, and catching up.

The site featured this week is so fun and I'm in love with the tips she shares and just... Gushing. Mkay? I should do a longer introduction, but I don't wanna.
Here it is!

I'll just let you know up front that there is a subscription fee. $30 for a full year. When you think about it, how much is it for one single cake decorating class or catalog? And how much info do you actually retain?
On her site, you have access to videos, a photo gallery, and recipes. 
BUT (yes, and it's a big one) anyone can access her blog. I'm trying to save up for this because our budget is pretty tight at the moment, so I haven't seen her videos yet. However, just looking at her blog makes me super happy and pretty excited to see what else she has going on. I'm dying to make a cake for somebody (anybody, really) just so I can have a go at some of the ideas I've seen.
One of my favorite cakes from her blog is this one:
Seriously, how fun is this? It's a simple cake that can be for a boy or a girl, and it's perfect for summer. (Honestly, I may just make this because I can.)
If there is a special occasion coming up and you need some (cup)cake ideas...
*clears throat*
That is all.

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