Thursday, June 23, 2011

4th of July Lights

Made any decor for the 4th of July yet? Well, here's something simple from Not JUST A Housewife. You probably already have this stuff at home. I'm sure you at least have a string of lights hanging around. A couple Christmases ago we found a bunch of LED lights at Smith's that were on sale.
(Smith's has GREAT post-holiday sales, by the way)
So I have oodles of strings of lights that don't get used much.
Not even at Christmas, so this was perfect.

She had about 4 yards of each color. All she did was tie one 9-inch piece of red, white, or blue ribbon between each light. I was thinking of using 6-inch pieces and do one of each color between each light. It might seem a little time-consuming, but if you do it after the kids (or the hubs) are in bed and throw on Netflix or Hulu, it'll go by fast.
With different-colored/patterned ribbon you could do this for any season/holiday.
Have fun and enjoy some patriotic lighting!
4th of July Lights

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