Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fireflies in a Jar

I have never seen a firefly in real life, but I have been in love with them since... well, forever. In books, movies, and even paintings/sketches they always appear magic and mysterious. Don't they?
So I have decided to create some of my own. I thought I'd order parts to create throwies, put them in a glass jar I already have ($1 at my local Honk's) and see how it turned out. However, today I found a post about faux fireflies that a woman had made with small knobs and glow-in-the-dark paint. Much simpler, much cheaper, and much more kid-friendly. (Though I'm still determined to try the throwies.)

Here's a picture from her site. How cute is this?! First, I'll make her version because the ingredients to create hers I can find locally. When my order of LED diodes and batteries get here, I'll make that version and let you know how it turns out.


  1. Seriously you've never seen a firefly?? I grew up chasing fireflies long into the night with my brother. We would put them in our jars, come inside, and let them light up our room as we fell asleep. They're already out here in TX. Maybe you should come down here for a visit (if you can stand the heat) so you can see one!

  2. I've lived in Utah all my life. Apparently they prefer places that aren't just humid when it's raining. I'm already in love with Texas, so knowing there are fireflies there... my heart sighs. {:


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