Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today has been a long day. Not a bad day necessarily. Just long. And exhausting.
I don't know if you've seen the news or anything, but the wind started up last night. 80-100 mph gusts from about 3-10 this morning. The power has been out since three and they don't see it coming back on for another 48 hours. Let me tell you, this wind is cold. Bone-chilling, cut-through-the-puffy-coat, spine-tingling cold. Brrrrr!

As of right now, my nice father-in-law is paying for our motel stay. I was excited because these beds are super soft, there are blankets upon blankets, and a WORKING HEATER. Which is nice to have in weather like this.

The scariest part about today was driving around and looking at the damage. There were large branches in roads and yards, huge pine trees uprooted that had fallen on homes. I broke down and cried when a semi almost tipped over on the freeway in front of us. Scary, scary stuff.

Here are just two of the many trees:

There used to be a car there. We think it's under the tree! It hit the house to the right and damaged some of the roof.

This tree didn't fall on any homes, thank goodness.

I heard California had that bad wind too, and that the Nevada desert got some snow!

Any crazy weather where you are?

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