Monday, September 19, 2011

41ish Days - Precautions. Or just a zombie killer costume.

I do not believe in a zombie apocalypse. I'm sorry, I just don't. However, because of the fear instilled in me from movies like 28 Days Later (Shutup, I was scared. Plus I thought it was 28 Days with Sandra Bullock) and only one episode of Walking Dead (I had nightmares. And hubs banned me from horror movies.) I present to you the Maunsell Sea Forts:

The debate now is can a zombie swim? I say no. I think they walk along the bottom of the lake/river bed, sea floor, etc. like a hippo because they don't need air. 
(I know it's from Twilight, but the gist is the same.)
But that presents the possibility of a shark smelling the blood, biting the zombie, and becoming a zombie shark. But I'm not sure how a zombie shark would differ from a normal shark anyway. While awesome creatures of the sea, they're all scary with too many teeth.

Back to the people zombies. Well, and sharks in a way.
Behold, the SharkSuit:

With these suits you still feel the pressure of the bite, but the teeth aren't able to go through. I'm thinking, if a shark's teeth can't make it through, there's no way a zombie's could. Eh? EH?

If you're anything like me, you don't exactly have $23,000 to shell out for a shark suit. So always stick with long pants (no shorts or capris, denim is preferable) and long sleeves. I don't care if it's 110° or the hot chick in the movie survives in nothing but her undies. LONG, people.

Weapons of choice:
Machete - just needs sharpening from time to time. Lightweight and sheathed easily. (Two-handed pictured below.)

Baseball bat - for when I don't have time to sharpen said machete. Lightweight and one can easily add straps and throw it over the shoulder.
Don't get me wrong, I love guns. But carting around ammo when I have no idea when I'll get more just doesn't appeal to me. I prefer something a bit more dependable.
I would imagine small shovels would come in handy too.

Vibram FiveFinger Shoes - lightweight on your feet. Easy to run, climb, and simply just get away.
About those forts, the only problem with them is they are in Europe. In the Rivers Thames and Mersey to be exact. I am in Utah. Do you see my dilemma? Perhaps I'll have to build my own and stock it with goodies. Like the aforementioned things (^) and much much chocolate...

P.S. There's a fun little quiz over at the Walking Dead site. I was an Alpha Male. Apparently I'm prepared for the apocalypse, but my selfishness could be my downfall. I answered the first question with get my family and some guns. How can I be selfish? Maybe it was because I said I'd kill my friend if they were bitten...

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