Friday, October 7, 2011

23 Days - Makeup Tutorials / Inspiration

Click pictures for links - the pics don't have tutorials, but they should be fairly easy to recreate... I hope.
I've Got the Rots - So fun. And hello, toilet paper! You can also substitute Elmer's Glue for the Liquid Latex.

Mysterious Bird Lady: I'd use different colors, but it looks great.
Angler Fish.
(Doesn't have a tutorial, but it would be easy enough to figure out.)
It's just the right amount of creepy and cool. The teeth are just paper, but I'd use a stiffer fabric (pleather, perhaps?) so they'd be a bit shinier and hold up better. Looks great though, right?

Really creepy zombie face.
For those that don't have small children or a spouse that scares easily. {:
 The contacts really make this look. 
I'd go for more subtle attire, just so people might mistake me for a true blind person. 
And then get freaked out when I look right at them.

Halloween is the only time it's okay for my true freak to pop up. I love almost everything about it. I went trick-or-treating in college. And now I have kids, so I still get to go. Yep. I'm immature. But I'm enjoying every second.

What are your costume plans?
Do you still dress up? Do you hate dressing up?
Tell me! Tell me now!

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  1. I don't dress up but my daughter wants to dress as Susan from Narnia. I really need to get going on her costume!


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