Saturday, October 22, 2011

8 Days - Whatcha readin?

We've talked about what movies to get you in the Halloween spirit, but I LOVE to read. And spooky books are better than movies because while they creep you out for days, or even weeks, there's no killer jumping out at you. And because I don't like being scared that way, let's read. Shall we?

Here are some books we should be reading:

by Susan Hill
Do not read this while you are alone. Or at night. Seriously.
P.S. There is a movie coming out in 2012 starring Daniel Radcliffe.
Do not watch the trailer alone either.

by Ransom Riggs
Honestly, I haven't read it yet. But it looks really interesting. And the photographs are creepy and beautiful.

by Michael O. Tunnell
A witch casts a spell to protect her Pumpkin Pie and flies out for a night of mischief, while a vampire, a ghoul, a ghost, a zombie, a banshee and a skeleton all follow the scent to her house. It's a great read for kids, and it even has a pumpkin pie recipe in the back.
 by Mary Roach
Not creepy, so much as fun and interesting facts. After reading this, I decided I do not want to be buried. I'd like to be frozen, shattered, and used as compost for a gorgeous tree. Or a shade garden. Rotting and decomposing is so last century.

by Mary Downing Hahn
This is a YA novel, but it still gives me chills. Helen is intensely creepy! I loathed Heather until the end, when I found out why she acted that way. I actually almost cried. It isn't all-out scary, but it has it's moments.

Do you like to be creeped out year-round? 
Or do you save the spooky stories for October?


  1. Wait Till Helen Comes freaked me out sooooo bad when I read it as a third grader. I read it again years later and it still freaked me out.

  2. I know, right?! And Heather bugged me like no other.

  3. Thank you SO much!!! Following you back now! =)

  4. Hey, do you mind if I post this link to my page? I was going to research some good Halloween reads, but it looks like you did that already! =)

  5. Sure, that would be great! I didn't see a button on your blog, do you have one that I'm just not seeing?


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